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Welcome to Bizness Inc.'s Applications

Click on this 1 Click Post to All Your WordPress Blog Sites link for more info on our Auto Blog Posting System. Click on these links below and login to our Systems to test out our International E-Commerce for Large Firms and eCommerce for Home Operations,  World Currency Exchange Rates With Web Services On Credit Card Transactions , Web Recurring Billing and Web Reporting For Internal and External Users, and Web Donation Management Solutions(including budgets, donation destinations, event management) for non-profit organizations!

Bizness Inc. lets you use this site for training.  You should have been emailed a username and password for the system you are going to buy to use after you click on one of the links below.   
1. BizRAS AP Auto Blog Posting System allowing you centralized web control over all your WordPress Blog posts. Send a unique post to all (or a subset) of your WordPress Blog sites from 1 post click. You can set up auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts. Posts can recur yearly if you want. During the sign up process you get a free domain that you choose and free linux hosting for that domain and WordPress installed for free to get your new Blog Site up and running and ready to post! Click on this link for more information: Auto Blog Posting System     
2. BizSAS International E-Commerce with Internet Sales, Auto Shipping Calculations, Volume Discounts, Coupons, Inventory Management By Country, Sales Tax By Country,  and even Walk In Store Sales and Estimates/Quotes For Small Businesses. Show your product images as well as links to blow up of product on full page. Full administrations system gives you alerts, drill down decision support emailable html reports, Sales Order tracking through the life of a sales order, inventory reorder points, product groupings, product descriptions, product national prices changes for all products in 1 country, and so much more by country. You even have the opportunity to send newsletters to all clients that have the newsletter check box turned on. Click on this link to LOGIN and test the system: for a Top Gun eCommerce Solution!     
3. BizCurrency World Exchange Rates System for viewing the major world currencies. This product has can be integrated into our BiZRAS Web Billing Sulition using our web services to get the current exchange rate for a credit card transaction you are processing to store in your database for 1 world currency reporting. Click on this link to LOGIN and test the system: for a World Currency Exchange Rate System that lets you view the major currencies that PayPal supports along with web services for your apps!
4. BizRAS  Recurring Payments, Billing and Web Reporting Systems for collecting payments 1 time and recurring payments online!  Collecting recurring payments can save big costs such as Mail outs, postage, NSF checks and your time. Recurring payments can be set up to recur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly! Collect money on time as the deposits are made automatically each recurring period! BiZRAS also can be used as a Web Report Administration system giving your clients the data they need in easy HTML reports. Web Decision Support Drill Down Reporting with HTML Reports on all Web Browsers.  You can even make this service a chargeableto your clients on a monthly basis for the uploading of current data and bill them one time invoices for each new report you give them.  Reports pull right from the database so quick to get into operation and you can grant or revoke access to 1 user or a user group very easily.  Click on this link to LOGIN and test the system: for a Web Billing Solution that can eliminate NSF checks, cut out paper mailing costs, and collect your receivables faster even on a recurring basis!
5. BizSAS Web Donation Management. This total solutions comes with Event and Budget Management and the International E-Commerce system shown above for church book store sales or other web item sales. Receive one-time and recurring donations on the web that can be tracked to donation destinations. Donation destination can be linked to Budgets. Budgets can be done by year and by country. Recurring donations are deposited automatically on the same day of each month from the donors credit card or PayPal account. Donors get their own donation reports on the web they can print off locally from anywhere in the world. You can set up Budgets per year and per country if needed. The event management module lets you set up events you are hosting and collect event registration fees online as well as track attendance online with private or public views. Click on this link to LOGIN and test the system: for a full Donation Management Solution that can be for a non-profit organization in 1 country or one the operates in countries all over the world!     
Click on button below for eCommerce           LOGIN
View Auto Blog Posting System. Control all your posts from 1 web location. Recurring posts go out automatically. Auto post even to your Twitter and FaceBook accounts! Imaging blog posts recurring each year going out automatically from 1 post to to all your WordPress Sites you select. Imagine all the links on that post going back to you or your clients web sites to promote your products and services.   Click button below:                                             
Click on button below for eCommerce           LOGIN
View eCommerce with special features like IN-STORE sales to zero out shipping, coupons, auto shipping calculations, reseller sales tax support and more.  Click button below:                                              
Click below for World Exchange Rates     LOGIN Bizness Inc. has designed a system to link to the major currencies in the world that support eMerchant Gateways like Paypal.  Get the current exchange rate your credit card transactions for 1 world currency reporting such as US dollars.  Click on button below:             
Click on button below for Web Recurring Billing & Mobile Reporting   LOGIN
Clients can pay you online for one time and recurring service payments.  View HTML EMailable drill down reports that can are viewed on Mobile devices also.  Pull data right from the DB into Controlled Login Acconts filters by user id.  Click button below:                       
Click below for Web Donation Mgmt. LOGIN
Receive donations immediately whether they are one time or every month.  Track donations to donation destinations which then map to Budgets.  Set up events that people can register with or without online registration fees. This product also comes with the eCommerce System shown above.  Click on button below: