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Site Map of Bizness Inc.'s Applications

Use Site Map below for detailed links per application.  For Overview of Bizness Inc's major systems, click on these links: 1 Click Post to All Your WordPress Blog Sites link for more info on our Auto Blog Posting System, International E-Commerce for Large Firms and eCommerce for Home Operations,  World Currency Exchange Rates With Web Services On Credit Card Transactions , for 14 major world currencies, Web Recurring Billing for web invoices and recurring credit card billing,  Web Reporting for reports you can grant to your clients with controlled logins, and Web Donation Management Solutions(including budgets, donation destinations, event management) for non-profit organizations!



Click on button below for eCommerce           LOGIN
View Auto Blog Posting System. Control all your posts from 1 web location. Recurring posts go out automatically. Auto post even to your Twitter and FaceBook accounts! Imaging blog posts recurring weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly going out automatically from 1 post. Imagine all the links on that post going back to you or your clients web sites to promote your products and services.   Click button below:                                             
Click on button below for eCommerce           LOGIN
View eCommerce with special features like IN-STORE sales to zero out shipping, coupons, auto shipping calculations, reseller sales tax support and more.  Click button below:                                              
Click below for World Exchange Rates     LOGIN Bizness Inc. has designed a system to link to the major currencies in the world that support eMerchant Gateways like Paypal.  Get the current exchange rate your credit card transactions for 1 world currency reporting such as US dollars.  Click on button below:             
Click on button below for Web Recurring Billing & Mobile Reporting   LOGIN
Clients can pay you online for one time and recurring service payments.  View HTML EMailable drill down reports that can are viewed on Mobile devices also.  Pull data right from the DB into Controlled Login Acconts filters by user id.  Click button below:                       
Click below for Web Donation Mgmt. LOGIN
Receive donations immediately whether they are one time or every month.  Track donations to donation destinations which then map to Budgets.  Set up events that people can register with or without online registration fees. This product also comes with the eCommerce System shown above.  Click on button below: